Does Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

Does Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

When it comes to acne most people will believe anything for the sake of having hope that their acne will go away. They want to believe, “If I just stop doing this, my acne will vanish” or “does eating chocolate cause acne?” Unfortunately for those folks, though changing your life style can reduce acne in some instances, in most cases acne is caused by hormones and not innocent bystanders like chocolate.

Chocolate is actually beneficial to your health and skin, and eating chocolate does not cause acne.

Poor chocolate is always the victim, and usually also the victor. That’s what a delicious and addictive taste can do for you I guess. Chocolate is accused of causing acne, tooth decay, obesity, and just over all bad health.

Who really knows why anyone would want to start such vicious rumors when extensive medical study shows diet is not tied to acne at all, let alone chocolate. In fact chocolate works as an antidepressant and also releases a chemical in the brain called serotonin, which is known to reduce stress.  (More Acne Tips)

Stress by the way does actually cause acne to become worse. In a round about way chocolate actually should help improve acne not make it worse. Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

Chocolate also contains one third the average adults daily requirement of antioxidants, which yet again, can help reduce acne, not cause it.

Antioxidants help skin by preventing free radicals, which naturally occur in the body, from damaging our immune system and skin. Antioxidants won’t cure acne but they will help improve skin health which in turn can reduce acne. Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

That being said I’m sure that at least half of those of you who are reading are thinking to yourselves, “Psh, I know eating chocolate makes me break out. Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

This article is completely bogus!” You just may not be wrong in your torturous abstinence from eating chocolate. Why? Eating chocolate does cause some people to break out. Now you’re likely really confused. I just contradicted everything I just said in the last few paragraphs that had you running for the chocolate isle.

Certain individuals actually have minor allergies to certain foods which can cause increased acne. Chocolate is one of those common foods that some peoples bodies have issues processing. The bodies way of saying, “Hey! Stop eating that I can’t process it!” is to cause you the misery of acne.

You’ll likely find you have a few trigger foods that cause your face to turn into acne city, and not just chocolate. If you are one of those unlucky few who have an allergy to chocolate, small amounts of chocolate likely won’t affect your acne at all. Just avoid excess and you’re safe. Excess in anything is generally a bad idea in fact.

So now you’re wondering, “If eating chocolate isn’t causing my acne and I’m not allergic, why am I still breaking out?” That brings us to what really causes acne if not chocolate or others foods. Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

Acne is primarily caused by hormonal imbalances common during puberty and pregnancy. However acne can occur during any stage of life and is effected by other factors, such as; stress, hygiene, heritage and skin type.

This is not to say all you can do is grab yourself a chocolate bar, settle in and wait for your hormones to settle so your acne can go away on it’s own. There are actually many ways to improve acne, or even make it vanish altogether.

The market today is flooded with just as many cures for acne as it is silly myths about acne, such as “does eating chocolate causes acne”, but that’s an entirely different article. At least now you know, eating chocolate is most likely not going to cause you any more acne, and if it does, you know why. Eating Chocolate Cause Acne

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