Does Showers Help Get Off Acne

So… Does Showers Help Get Off Acne?

Acne is a medical condition which plagues people of all ages throughout the world. While its causes are sometimes debated and the list of Acne myths grows ever larger, from poor hygiene to eating greasy food, the generally accepted treatment options for the malady can range from special mild soaps and shampoos to either prescription or over the counter medication.

Of the many options available, the most important thing to remember when applying any treatment option is to allow enough time for the treatment to take effect and not to lose hope.

In today’s world of instant everything, from 2 minute meals to one minute abs, it is essential for all sufferers of Acne to understand that no instant treatment options are yet available for this malady. (More Acne Tips)

The good news is that oftentimes the most effective and longest lasting treatments are also the ones that take a bit more time, even when faster options are available.

One of the more common myths about Acne is that it is caused by poor personal hygiene, which always raises the question, “Does showers help get off acne” by teens. While taking frequent showers is most certainly a good thing, this belief couldn’t be much further from the truth.

In fact, washing the skin more frequently can lead to more severe outbreaks of Acne as well as a generally irritated skin condition. The appropriate frequency to clean one’s skin is to wash gently with a mild or gentle soap and warm water no more than twice a day.

Instead of wiping water from the skin, try gently patting it dry with an absorbent towel or cloth. An important thing to keep in mind here is to be as gentle as possible with the affected area.

Many people believe that Acne is a purely cosmetic malady. While the initial symptoms of Acne may be cosmetic, there is also a serious risk of long term scarring in the affected skin area as well as some serious psychological issues that may arise due to the problem.

Acne can cause an affected individual to have a much lower self esteem, even to the point of not wanting to be seen in public or having a general sense of self shame. When gone untreated, this can be a severely life changing problem for many people. Does Showers Help Get Off Acne

Does Showers Help Get Off Acne

Contrary to popular belief, scientific research has now confirmed that the types of food a person chooses to eat is not a factor in the cause of Acne. While eating well is a generally good and healthy habit to maintain, greasy or sugary junk foods cannot cause Acne and will not make the problem any worse than it was.

If any foods in particular seem to be causing breakouts in an individual, it is strongly recommended that the individual not only stays away from those foods, but seeks the assistance of an allergy expert who can help identify possibly dangerous substances to avoid. And remember, showering after every greasy meal may lead to more severe skin irritation than the Acne alone would cause. Does Showers Help Get Off Acne

Another caution for persons treating their Acne is that some treatments will work wonderfully on certain patients while the same treatment is virtually ineffective on others. Everyone is built just a little bit differently, so it may become necessary to try two or three, or even more, alternatives before the most effective solution for each individual can be found. When treatments don’t work, it is important that the patient doesn’t lose hope.

There are many treatments available through many sources, and only time can tell whether a solution will work or not. In other words, don’t give up; there’s always hope for even the worst cases.

If those over the counter Acne solutions just aren’t getting the job done, then it will probably become necessary to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. There are many more effective medications available to dermatologists that cannot be offered to the general public over the counter. Does Showers Help Get Off Acne

Perhaps even more importantly, a good dermatologist may also be able to identify any habits or exposures that might have caused the Acne to flare up. Knowing what substances or activities should be avoided can sometimes greatly reduce the effect that Acne can have on people or even eliminate it altogether. Does Showers Help Get Off Acne

If you are one of the world’s many sufferers of Acne, there is no longer a need to feel alone or hopeless to the idea of recovery. Acne is a generally treatable and controllable malady when treatments are combined with a good general knowledge and the patience to allow each option to take effect. So to answer the question, “Does showers help get off acne”, that’s a resounding NO.

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