Natural Bacne Treatment

NOW: Natural Bacne Treatment

Do you think acne can affect only your face? Well, the truth is acne can appear anywhere on your body and even on your back.

This is what is called ‘backne’ or bacne, an ingenious combination of the words ‘back’ and ‘acne’! But acne on the back has the potential to be infinitely more troublesome because your clothes will be covering them up most of the time.

Sweat and heat created under the clothes may be the least conducive environment for your bacne to heal. And then there is the fact that bacne scars can end your preference for wearing stunning backless dresses at parties.

Seems really bad doesn’t it? But wait; bacne just like acne can be treated and so there is no reason to feel down and out even if you suffer an outbreak of bacne! (More Acne Tips)

Whether you are young or old, bacne can hit you without warning, for a variety of reasons, which are almost similar to why acne occurs. Some additional triggers such as use of harmful detergents in washing your clothes or sheets, excessive sweating and tight clothes may also be behind bacne. But the fact is that it is in your best interests to treat bacne with care and natural methods.

Here are some natural bacne treatment tips for you to try out:

Use light cotton clothes, which are not too tight when you have bacne. The idea is to let your clothes allow passage of air and not to let sweat accumulate on your back. Cotton garments are also less irritating when they come in contact with your bacne-affected skin.Natural Bacne Treatment

Keep your affected skin exposed, as much as possible. Of course, you cannot go to work bare back, but at home you can wear tees or dresses which keep the affected area uncovered.

Prevent sweating as far as possible. The back is an area of the body which sweats really fast. So, try not to go out in the heat if possible.

You should also cleanse and wash the affected skin several times a day. Since the back is difficult to reach, you can ask a friend to help you out. Using natural cleansers with antiseptic effect can help you a lot.

Some such cleansers are lavender essential oils which are circulatory stimulants, tea tree oil which has anti bacterial benefits and bulbine frutescence which helps in preventing bacne scarring. You will find that even commercial cleansers have one of more of these ingredients, because these are the best that nature has to offer.

But simple cleansing will not be enough when you want to get rid of bacne fast. You must apply some topical medicines to make that happen.

Thankfully there are several natural substances which might help you get rid of acne. Your best bets are substances such as lavendula and calendula which have natural astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action on your bacne.

Just ask someone to apply these on your back while you lie down.
These natural bacne treatment tips should help you get rid of bacne for good, if you use them. So, what are you waiting for?

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