How to Choose Eye Cream?

How to Choose Eye Cream?

The skin around your eyes is more delicate than most other parts of your face. But it is also true that the quality and texture of this skin can have a huge impact on your appearance.

A simple example to illustrate this point: what happens when you have dark circles? You (and everyone else) notice dark circles quickly, because the under eye area is a key part of your face. Of course the easiest way to maintain it is to use under eye creams. But do you know how to choose eye cream?

It is important to know how to buy an eye cream because if you pick up products at random, you may end up with a zero-benefit product and also harm your skin in the long run. Choosing eye cream is about answering two questions:

  • What are your specific needs?
  • What are the ingredients of the cream?

The first question pertains to the fact that different people have different reasons for using eye creams. Some of the most common ones are: How to Choose Eye Cream?

  • Puffy eyes, caused by allergic reaction or fluid retention. Puffy eyes are usually a result of sinus or premenstrual problems. Before you use cream on puffy eyes, you should know that the moisturizers in these creams can actually make your under-eyes puffier. You may want to use gels instead, because they dry quicker. How to Choose Eye Cream?

How to Choose Eye Cream

  • You have �?bags’ under the eyes when fat is deposited there. This is different from puffy eyes because puffy eyes are more of a temporary problem. If you want to reduce baggy eyes, you may use creams which can increase elasticity of the skin under the eyes. When this happens your skin stretches out and makes the bags look less prominent. However, keep in mind that no eye cream can help you get rid of this problem completely. That can only be done via a cosmetic surgery. (More Health Tips)


  • Dark circles and common and can occur due to a variety of reasons such as fatigue, sunburns etc. There are hordes of eye creams for dark circles but select the ones which sun protection to prevent pigmentation issues. You can also buy creams with ‘diffusers’ or ‘concealers’ which hide the dark circles as far as possible (similar to hiding blemishes under make up). Creams with vitamin K can prevent the appearance of dark circles.


  • For aging related problems such as fine lines and crows feet use creams which contain vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants as well.

Selecting the right eye cream is essential if you want to look good always. So, all the best!

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