BBQ Healthy Eating Tips

BBQ Healthy Eating Tips

Are you wondering how you are going to survive the grilling season and maintain a healthy heart and waistline?

Not sure how to navigate a BBQ buffet?

Our BBQ Healthy Eating Tips will give you the low down for a healthy outcome!

The fist sign of nice weather always draws me outside to fire up the grill and enjoy delicious BBQ food. Living in New England, I have actually seen people outside grilling while there is still snow on the ground! That pull to eat a juicy burger with a nice cool beverage is intense!

Think back to your last couple of summers, how many times you celebrated nice weather, birthday parties, sports games, or just celebrated to celebrate good friends and family. Was food involved? If your like me and my friends, I’m guessing a lot of food.

I most definitely am not going to tell you to cut back on family and friends, because life is short, celebrate the small things! I will however, give you BBQ healthy eating tips, so your friendships grow, but not your waistline!

#1 of BBQ Healthy Eating Tips: Don’t go to a BBQ starving!

So biggest mistake would be to pass on food before the BBQ, to “save up on calories” later in the day. This never ends well. Your starving, you devour the bowl of chips, loaded cheeseburger, hot dog, wash it down with 3 calorie laden cold beverages, and that’s even before dessert! Yikes!

When your hungry, everything looks good, and more likely to make it into your mouth. Making healthy choices is much harder at starvation point!

2. Eat breakfast.

Eat something, even if its small. Grab a granola bar or a banana in a rush. Have some fruit, a whole grain, and a protein, you’ll feel much better. Try and make your first choice of the day healthy, and your more likely to make good choices throughout the day. Your waistline will thank me later.

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3. Have a healthy option available.

If your hosting, be sure to have one healthy dish available. You don’t have to cater to everyone’s individual food preferences, but do plan to provide a lower calorie option for meat, such as turkey burger’s, or turkey hot dogs, veggie burger’s, etc.

As my mother would say, “I’m not running a restaurant here!” Of course your not, but your friends and family will appreciate you thought of their heart health and waistline.

4. Fruit’s and Veggies are key.

BBQ Healthy Eating Tips

Celebrate the freshest season of fruits and veggies, by centering dishes around them.

You ever notice that the fruit and veggie platter at a party always looks ransacked? Everyone loves fresh fruit especially on a gorgeous day.

Try and fill up on the healthy fruit and veggies, so you won’t feel the need to eat the higher calorie count foods served throughout the day.

5. Your the guest? Take control of your food choices!

Instead of flowers, bring a healthy appetizer, dish, salad, or dessert. That way you know you’ll be able to eat at least one healthy thing while your there. Afraid of insulting the host? Just let them you know you wanted to help out, since you understand the huge task of throwing a get together…and you could bring flowers along to sweeten the deal.

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6. Use a smaller plate.

It’s a lot harder to eat heaping portions when your using a small plate or bowl. Usually we are not even that hungry, and would be comfortable eating smaller portions. Trick your eye with a smaller dessert or appetizer plate. This does not give you free reign to make 20 trips to the food table with a small plate. Take a couple minutes after eating to assess if your still hungry, or just mindlessly munching.

7. Do not stand next to the buffett table!

I have even seen people pull up a chair to the food table. DANGER! DANGER! This is mindless eating. Go talk to your friends.

Take a look at all your options, try and eat healthy options first. Figure out what you just absolutely have to try, that you would only get at this event. If you know that it is full of calories, very low on nutrient value, grab a small portion and back away. The first bite will taste the same as the last bite.

8. Engage in some type of activity.

Try not to sit around eating and drinking for 4-5 hours. Take a group walk, toss a football, kick a soccer ball. You don’t need to work up a sweat, but you’ll get the blood pumping and those muscle’s moving!

9. Watch the sauces.

So you made the decision to try a healthy turkey burger, with only half the bun. Good for you! Be careful what you put on that burger. Don’t slather on the mayo, dressings, “special sauce”. Try some healthy salsa, it adds a kick, and your even getting some extra veggies!

Same goes for salad dressing and dips. Be aware that those dips add up quick in calories. Go for a clear dressing, instead of creamy. Again, try using some salsa for a salad dressing!

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10. Beverages Beware!

This is the most unsuspecting of our BBQ healthy eating tips. It is easy to get together with friends and drink heavy calorie laden alcoholic beverages. Try and drink a glass a water with every alcoholic drink, and drink a glass of water in between. It will fill you up more and keep you hydrated in hot weather.

Best bet, limit to 1 or 2 drinks, and stick with water.

Grilling is actually a very healthy way to cook food. It just depends what you put on the food after it has finished cooking. Use the BBQ heathly eating tips at your next get together for a healthy grilling season!

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