Collagen Injections FAQ

NOW: Collagen Injections FAQ

An easy way to ease out wrinkles, facial lines and aging skin is collagen treatment. This cosmetic treatment can help in smoothing your face contours.

Here collagen is administered to various parts of your body via injections. Even lip augmentation can be done by collagen. To know more about collagen injections, you can read though the FAQ’s and their answers given below.

What Is Collagen Treatment?

It is a treatment to combat the lines and wrinkles on your face. Natural collagen is a protein in the body, present in cartilages, skin and tendons. When this protein disintegrates (it does so naturally with the advent of old age), the skin sags and breaks down forming lines and wrinkles. Collagen injections are used to �?fill’ in these lines.

Do I Need Collagen Treatment?

It is for your physician to determine whether your skin had disintegrated enough to warrant a collagen treatment. Such treatments are normally not hazardous, and can effectively enhance your features. However, if you fall in any of the categories mentioned below, stay away from collagen. Collagen Injections FAQ

  • Pregnant Women
  • Patients afflicted with a dysfunctional autoimmune system
  • People allergic to collagen.

A good doctor will generally provide you with a detailed allergy test (using animal proteins) to determine whether you can have collagen treatment.(More Health Tips) 

Are Collagen Injections Painful?

Usually, patients experience mild pain if injected with collagen. Treatment on areas around the nose or on the lips can however be a tad more disconcerting. A collagen filler lidocaine also helps in numbing the treatment area and thus acts as anesthesia. But otherwise, local anesthesia is applied. Collagen Injections FAQ

Collagen Injections FAQ

What Are The Various Types Of Collagen Fillers Available?

  • Bovine: It is a purified collagen obtained from cow skin.
  • Human: Natural collagen that exists in proteins of the human body. Some sub-types of human collagen are:
    • Autologen-liquefied collagen extracted from your skin.
    • Isolagen-liquefied collagen cloned from your own skin sample.
    • Dermalogen-liquefied and sterilized collagen obtained from a dead person’s tissue.

How Expensive Is Collagen Treatment?

A typical bovine injection would cost you $250. Advanced collagens such as Isolagens can cost $1500 per injection on an average. The total cost of a collagen treatment also depends on the number of injections that you require. Location is also a factor, because prices vary throughout the country. Collagen Injections FAQ

Is It Safe To Take Collagen Injections?

Collagens have the approval of the FDA. They have been used effectively since the 1980s without any furor over safety. However, you should ideally consult a physician who will examine you very carefully and perform allergy tests to determine whether there are possibilities of complications. But usually, it is said to be a very safe treatment.

How Good Is Collagen Treatment And How Long Do Its Effects Last?

Generally collagen treatments can produce results which last anywhere between six weeks and six months, depending on the type of treatment you receive. Bovine injections usually last less than human-based collagens. But remember that you need to undergo follow-up treatments after taking collagen injections lest its aesthetic benefits are lost.

Hope this detailed collagen injection FAQ helps!

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