Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Sensitive Skin Care Tips

If you have sensitive skin, you need to take very good care of it to keep it healthy. You need to monitor not only what cosmetics or face-wash you apply, but also regulate the food you eat and what you drink.

Different climates may also adversely impact your skin, as can water replete with iron. Sun rays may also have a telling impact if your skin is sensitive. You can try following the tips that I enlist below because they are the best ones for people with sensitive skin.

First and foremost, do not buy random beauty products available in the market, even they promise a lot. The reason is that your skin may be allergic to certain brandsSensitive Skin Care Tips

The ingredients at the back of the product are also non-conclusive, so if you use them and start developing rashes on your skin, throw them immediately. Sensitive Skin Care Tips

For example, if you have a combinational skin, a normal to oily cleanser will not serve any purpose. It may in fact compound the problem, since you do not know where and when your skin turns oily. Therefore, you may have to do a bit of trial and error, before settling on a range of products which suit you.

You should also exercise restraint while eating. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be a part of your daily diet. That does not however mean that all fruits and vegetables should be consumed. (More Health Tips)

Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Make sure that the moment you find any fruit or vegetable affecting your skin adversely, you discontinue it. Aerated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs should not even cross your mind.

They can ruin your skin. Oily and deep-fried foods are best avoided. Make sure that you have a healthy diet and couple it with an exercise regime that is not too strenuous. This would ensure that your metabolism remains normal, since irregular metabolism can also damage your skin.

The environment surrounding you can also impact sensitive skin. Presence of moisture in the right amounts, instead of an arid or humid environment can help a lot. Polluted air can also hasten the degeneration of your sensitive skin. Sensitive Skin Care Tips

Even the water that you drink or for that matter apply on your face should not be coarse and full of iron particles. It can very easily induce rashes, blotch marks and pimples on your skin.

I would suggest you stick firmly to herbal products only. Not that they guarantee you complete safety, but they are better than conventional cosmetics. For cleansing your face you can try almond and jojoba oil.

For a toner you could use a solution of comfrey and water. Grapefruit mixed with oatmeal would make a wonderful scrub for exfoliation of dead cells from your skin. Cucumber and yogurt are excellent ingredients for a face mask. Licorice, green tea and aloe vera would not disturb your skin either.

Perhaps the most important sensitive skin care tip is to protect it in every possible way. I have an aunt who has an extremely sensitive skin. So sensitive, that she cannot stand even sunlight. My uncle has to ferry her in a car that has sunlight-protecting panes to ward the harmful rays from her. This is the kind of effort you may have to put in!

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